Sleep and memory manipulation

  • English language proficiency required
  • Amsterdam

Internship – Sleep and Memory manipulation

We are looking for an intern to participate in experiments in the field of Sleep and Memory.


In our lab we have developed a technique for reading and predicting brain activity in real time: closed-loop neurostimulation. We can use this technique to boost deep sleep oscillations and make sleep deeper, but also
to alter memories during sleep. The technique allows advanced xperimentation concerning the cognitive functions of sleep and also has important practical implication. For instance in relation to improving sleep and memory in healthy individuals and in people with sleep disorders, memory disorders, or affective disorders such as post-traumatic stress

An internship in our lab offers students the possibility to become acquainted with some of the most advanced EEG techniques available today.

In this project, your work will consist of:

  • Performing HD EEG polysomnographic recordings (this requires both the participant and the intern to sleep in the sleep lab)
  • Data-analysis (the type and complexity of these analyses will depend on your background and the length of the internship)
  • Writing a research report

For the recordings you may be collaborating with another student or investigator.


Experience with EEG recording and analysis, signal analysis, programming (especially in Matlab), sleep studies, IT and electrotechnical engineering will all come in handy in our lab.


For applications or information contact Lucia M. Talamini ( With your application please include a list of your academic courses and grades and, if applicable, a description of previous research (internship) experience.

Start date: flexible
Duration: 6 months or longer
Instituut: University of Amsterdam
Afdeling: Psychology, Brain & Cognition
Lab: Sleep and Memory Lab, REC Gebouw L
Supervisor: Dr. Lucia Talamini (

To apply for this job email your details to