What is Synesthesia?

Psychology, UvA

We are looking for an enthusiastic and highly motivated student interested in our international synesthesia study. In this project you will set up and run behavioral experiments on synesthesia, and analyze the results. In the field of synesthesia, there is a a debate on what is synesthesia and what is the nature of multi-sensory integration.  There are different reports in literature of ‘typical’ synesthesia results, such as Synesthetic Stroop, synesthetic color consistency, or particular answers on a questionnaire. Our research question is whether these tasks indeed measure the same thing, and what would be the best way to measure (and define) synesthesia. While the starting point is a clearly defined research question,  you will need to search literature for different reports and measurements. Next you design an experiment and recruit and test subjects (we have a database with contacts). After analyzing the results you write the report (thesis).

In this project, you are expected to critically think about the design and setup of experiments, work independently and contribute to the design of the project. Programming skills is a pre but not necessary.

If you are interested, write an application in which you include your motivation for this project, and a resume.

You are supervised by both Romke Rouw and Nick Root

To apply for this job email your details to r.rouw@uva.nl