The ‘colored-coding’ second language-learning method

  • English language proficiency required
  • Amsterdam

Psychology, UvA

In this project we use the synesthetic ‘colored-letters’ paradigm (Colizoli et al., 2012) to train non-synesthetes to ‘synesthetic-like’ color associations with letters.   The research question is: when you train a bilingual (biscriptal) non-synesthete in one of their alphabets (e.g. obtaining a synesthetic Stroop effect as a result of that training). Does that training then transfer to the second language without any synesthesia training in L1?  We want to test this specifically with Arabic/Dutch bilinguals.

We are looking for an enthusiastic student who can work very independently but also knows what is the right moment to ask for help and ask questions. Programming skills are a pre.

If you are interested in this project, please send an email with your motivation, and also include your resume.

In your resume, include your educational history up to this point, your skills, and research-related previous experiences. Also include which are the moments that you can start with this project, and if it is your first or second project (how many ECs).

You will be supervised by Romke Rouw and Nick Root (postdoc).

Looking forward to seeing your application!

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