In vivo two-photon imaging of mouse binocular processing

  • English language proficiency required
  • Amsterdam

Website Cognitive and Systems Neuroscience group, UvA

Are you interested in systems neuroscience and consciousness? Would you like to see neurons fire in real time? Are you comfortable with animal work? Then this might just be the internship for you!

I am a 3rd year PhD student at the Cognitive and Systems Neuroscience lab (Prof Cyriel Pennartz, UvA) looking for a highly motivated MSc Neuroscience student. In my project, I look at binocular visual processing in mice, specifically how the brain decides how to integrate binocular stimuli into a single conscious percept. For this, I am gathering both behavioral as well as in vivo calcium imaging data (widefield & 2-photon).

I am looking for an internship student that will help me with animal training as well as data analysis (ideally) starting from May or June 2023. Minimum internship duration should be 6 months (but we can talk about a summer break of course). You will get to learn animal handling skills as well as data analysis techniques (using Python) starting from basic stimulus-triggered averages all the way to more advanced machine learning techniques such as subspace analysis or decoding.

While there are no skills required for this internship, the following skills will be appreciated:

  • Interest in the neuroscientific study of consciousness, and familiarity with some of the literature,
  • Experience in programming in Python and/or neuronal data analysis,
  • Math or machine learning background,
  • Experience with basic animal handling.

Does this sound interesting to you? Would you like more info? Don’t be shy, just apply! Send an email to and let’s have a chat!

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