Internship for the research project “FindMyApps”

Internship for the research project “FindMyApps”

Website Amsterdam UMC, location VU University Medical Center

VUmc, organisatie voor patientenzorg, onderzoek en onderwijs

For the ‘FindMyApps’ trial, we are looking for an intern to help with recruitment of participants, data collection and depending on progress, interim data analysis. Within the scope of this internship, it should be possible for the student to write a thesis, if this is their objective.

About the research

People with dementia struggle to remain socially active and this has negative consequences for health. The use of tablets (iPads) can help people maintain social contacts, manage their day to day lives and engage in meaningful and fun activities. FindMyApps is an app and training developed by Saxion University in collaboration with VUmc, Radboudumc and people with dementia. This intervention is designed to assists people with dementia in searching for apps for self management and meaningful activities that match their personal needs, interests and abilities. The aim is to make it easier for them to learn to use a tablet and to benefit of it. Our current research project consists of a randomized controlled trial. We are evaluating whether the use of FindMyApps, compared to a normal tablet, improves outcomes relating to social participation, self-management and quality of life on the person with dementia. We are also evaluating the effects on the informal caregiver. For more information, check out the project website

For whom?

Master students. Preference given to students with an interest in: Brain and Cognitive Sciences, Psychology, Communication Sciences, Health Sciences or Human Movement Sciences.


As intern, you will be involved in the recruitment of study participants, delivering the intervention to participants, data collection by interviewing people with dementia, and in data entry and analysis.

What do we ask?

We are looking for a student who is able to work independently once the goals of the internship have been set. Good communication and writing skills in Dutch are necessary, good communication skills in English are desirable. Applicants should have a strong interest in research, health and elderly care. The intern must be (online) available and, if allowed related to COVID-19 rules, available in the Amsterdam office but may also be required to travel to meet participants in other locations in Amsterdam and elsewhere in the Netherlands (depending on COVID-19 rules) or have online contact with study participants.

What we offer

–         An interesting applied research project

–         The opportunity to gain interview experience, work with electronic databases and SPSS

–         The opportunity for supervision writing a thesis

–         The opportunity to follow the course Good Clinical Practice


The FindMyApps study is part of the Research program Care and support in dementia (prof. dr. R.M. Dröes) at the Department of Psychiatry, VUmc, Oldenaller 1 Amsterdam.

Period/duration – flexible

preference Nov 2020 until june 2021


For more information contact:

David Neal, Onderzoeker in Opleiding

Tel: 0640 932 336             E-mail:


Prof. Rose-Marie Droes, projectleader

Tel: 020-7885454              E-mail:

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