Clitoral volume changes during sexual arousal in pre- and postmenopausal women

Amsterdam UMC, location AMC

The Sexology department of Amsterdam UMC conducts research on determinants of sexual function and dysfunction. In a new research project, clitoral volume changes during sexual arousal will be studied using MRI. Although the full anatomy of the clitoris has been presented (O’Conell et al. 1998), few people are aware of the three-dimensional structure of this organ and its ability to become erect as a result of sexual arousal. Only a small number of scientific papers are available on size measurements and the increase in clitoral volume during sexual arousal. Moreover, there is a lack of research on the association of the clitoral response and sexual functioning.

The primary objective of the study is to investigate clitoral volume changes during sexual arousal in premenopausal compared to postmenopausal women. For this project we are looking for 2 enthusiastic and highly motivated female master students (biomedical sciences). The tasks include study preparation,  data collection and analysis and asks for at least a 5 months internship (planned start summer 2023).

Information: dr. Stephanie Both,

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