Meta-analysis of risk factors on IQ in children with sickle cell disease

  • English language proficiency required
  • Remote

Amsterdam UMC

Project Description: This project involves conducting a meta-analysis and meta-regression analysis to investigate risk factors affecting the IQ of children with sickle cell disease. We are seeking a motivated, organized, and detail-oriented student to contribute to the entire process, from begin to publication!

Background Information: Sickle cell disease (SCD) is a hereditary disease that affects hemoglobin production. It results in a transformation of the normal round shape of red blood cells into a sickle shape. These sickle-shaped red blood cells are stiffer than normal ones and can lead to blockages in small blood vessels, causing inflammation when they come into contact with white blood cells and vessel walls. For patients, this ultimately results in a wide range of severe lifelong complications. Children with sickle cell disease often experience neurocognitive limitations, such as problems with information processing speed, attention, and memory, which can, in turn, impact their behavior, emotional functioning, and academic performance.
Research Design: The project involves conducting an extensive systematic literature search and meta-analysis of risk factors for IQ in children with sickle cell disease. Based on the included studies, we will then perform a meta-regression analysis to enhance our understanding of these risk factors.
What Will You Do? You will be a part of the Emma Neuroscience Group (led by Prof. Dr. Jaap Oosterlaan and Dr. Marsh Königs) and the Department of Pediatric Hematology (led by Prof. Dr. Karin Fijnvandraat and Dr. Corien de Groot-Eckhardt) at the Emma Children’s Hospital. Your tasks will include at least the following: (i) involvement in setting up and conducting a systematic literature search, (ii) data extraction from included articles, (iii) performing a meta-analysis on the included articles. If time and data permit, you will, under supervision, conduct a meta-regression analysis. In addition to writing your thesis, you will also assist in the eventual publication of the research findings.
What We Expect from You: We are seeking an ambitious master student with excellent organizational skills. Additionally, the student should have:
• A passion for scientific research
• Exceptional organizational skills
• A precise, independent, and proactive work attitude
• Availability for at least 2 months (full-time, with exceptions for educational obligations)
• The potential to continue assisting with publication beyond the internship if needed.

Contact Person: Noa Ijdo, Ph.D. Candidate Department of Pediatrics, Emma Children’s Hospital / Pediatric Hematology (Amsterdam UMC, Location AMC) E:

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