Cognitive computational neuroscience of language @ CLC lab

  • English language proficiency required
  • Amsterdam

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We would be happy to welcome a few master students interested in using deep learning models for studying language processing in the human brain. We work with publicly available datasets of brain measurements recorded during naturalistic language processing tasks (like reading or listening to a story), and most of our projects focus on trying to interpret the internal workings of deep learning models alongside doing brain-similarity analyses. We hope this approach will help to better understand why particular (parts of) models seem to align better with neural measurements than others, and thereby contribute to understanding language in the brain.

See this link for a few more detailed project descriptions:

and send Marianne ( an e-mail with a brief motivation + your CV if interested.

If you are aiming to pursue your research project during the January-July 2023 period, please make sure to contact us by November 1st, 2022.

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